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Re: Oil Marbling paints

You may want to try P.H.Martins Concentrated Water Colours.

Oil paints are not the thing to use. Even though the film thickness
and therefore the amount of medium (linseed oil) is minimal, you could
run into an archivability problem.

Linseed or any other oil will oxidize over time. Oil paintings are
always done on a "sized ground". The strata, in order, would be:
Canvas, Skin Glue (sizing), & Lead White (for the purist).

The size acts as a neutral buffer between the acidic oil in the white
ground and the canvas.

If one were to paint in oils directly upon the canvas, over time, the
oils would oxidize (slow fire) and "burn" the canvas.

Even though you are using alum as a size, my guess would be that the
thickness of that strata is not great enough to prevent the oils from
contacting the paper.

Plus, oil paint takes too long to dry. Water colors are your best choice.

I have several books at home on marbling, I would be happy to post the
titles later if you haven't received the full bib already.

Michael Babcock

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