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Re: Marbling paints

The best book on marbling that I've run across is Wendy Addison
Medeiros' _Marbling Techniques: How to Create Traditional and
Contemporary Designs on Paper and Fabric_ (New YorK: Watson-Guptil
Publications, 1994) ISBN 0-8230-3005-9.  It includes a section on oil
paint marbling, as well as the other (much easier) styles.  I believe
Iris Nevins' books are well regarded, too.  I'd say start with acrylics
- all the materials are easy to acquire, it's pretty easy to do, and you
can get most marbling effects - but don't give up on the oil paints
entirely.  Lots of books say you can do things with oil paints that you
can't do any other way.  I'm working my way up there.

Also, check out Colophon Book Arts supply ( mailto:colophon@xxxxxxxxx )-
he makes his own water-based pre-mixed marbling colors.  I can't vouch
for the quality (yet) but I expect other people on the list can give a
review of it. Colophon also has the best selection of Marbling books
you're likely to find.

viel Gluck, viel Spass


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