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Marbling paints

To Melony......

The reason your paints may be running off the paper could be the
paper. Not many work for marbling. From the art store try Canson
or Strathmore charcoal paper.

If you want a more traditional marbled paper, the only way to go is
with water-based colors. Not to sound like an info-mercial, I =

recommend at least at first, ordering water colors made by marblers
specifically for the marbling process. The only makers in this =

country I know of are myself (I will separately send my catalog)
or Colophon book Arts in Lacey, Washington.

Either they or I could also give you endless technical advice on
the product (even if you don't buy mine I will be happy to advise).

Acrylics float pretty much by themselves and don't need ox-gall,
but they have other problems. Don't be afraid of the need to use
ox-gall ... you'll easily get used to it.

Iris Nevins=

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