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Marbling colour

Reed Bowman wrote --

"Also, check out Colophon Book Arts supply ( mailto:colophon@xxxxxxxxx )-
he makes his own water-based pre-mixed marbling colors.  I can't vouch
for the quality (yet) but I expect other people on the list can give a
review of it. Colophon also has the best selection of Marbling books
you're likely to find."

I have been using Colophon colours almost exclusively since 1987 and have
found them to be totally reliable and more than adequately filled the gap
left by W&N. I think the fact that I arrange to import colour from USA
(Colophon), speaks for itself.

In 1987,when W&N were forced by US health regulations, to find another
preservative for their gouache, a large number of colours which had
peformed very well in the marbling process, became unstable.  One colour
which still performs beautifully, is Turquoise Blue.

For those interested, Cockerell colours are no longer available (as of
October 1996 when I visited Peter Rogers in Cambridge).  I am unaware if
this is still the case.

Vi Wilson

PS  Sorry about the typo in the Maurer book title. The word should have
been "Creating".

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