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Re: Orientation of text on book spines

Is this just German and French?  I was told the British title this way as
well.  Perhaps it is European.   I don't remember ever being told the
reason for the difference.

Jane Brown
charleston, SC

On Mon, 3 Nov 1997, Eric D. Friedman wrote:

> A friend recently stumped me with the following question:
> Why is it that American bookmakers orient the text on book spines
> from the head of the volume to its tail, while German and French
> titles are turned in the opposite direction?
> In other words, if you stand an American book on its tail on a shelf,
> you must cock your head to the right in order to read it.  To
> read a similarly positioned French or German book, however, you must
> drop your head left.
> Could this be why so many academics are "stiff-necked"? (ha ha)
> Thanks in advance,
> Eric
> --
> Eric D. Friedman
> friedman@xxxxxxx

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