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Re: Binary Number Query

At 08:37 AM 11/4/97 -0500, you wrote:
>Working on an idea for an alphabet book. What I'd like to do is include a
>representation of  the letters in binary form. My guess is the binary form
>would be derived from the ASCII character number, but I could be wrong.
>Anyone have a clue as to where I can find more information, or a converter
>from base 10 to base 2. The last time I even counted in binary was back in
>6th-7th grade... I think they called it new math.

Using MS DOS 6.2 published by Que has a chart of standard and extended
character sets in ASCII code including binary X2, starting on page 1063.
Do you really need a program or is that enough?  I can scan the chart for
you if your E-mail has attachments (?)


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