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1999 Council of Book Arts Programs Conference

Folks: please set aside the spring weekend of February 25-28, 1999, for
the Council of Book Arts Programs Conference that we will be hosting at
the University of Alabama in Tuscaloosa. This is a gathering of
individuals interested in community- and university-based book arts
programs, featuring a number of Milennium-oriented panel discussions,
and paper presentations. Springtime is lovely in Alabama, and we expect
that people will be keen to discuss important issues relating to the
present and future of book arts programs.

In January we will be calling for proposals for panel discussions and
individual presentations. If you're not sure we will write, please let
us know. Organizers of this event thusfar have been Marcella Genz and
Steve Miller (UA), Timothy Barrett (University of Iowa), Mary Phelan
(University of the Arts), John Risseeuw (Arizona State University),
Marilyn Sward, Columbia College Chicago Center for the Book), and
Kathleen Walkup (Mills College).

The following site will grow as the conference develops:
Steve Miller
MFA in the Book Arts Program
The University of Alabama, 205.348.1525

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