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fjordan wrote:
> The Cary Graphic Arts Collection at Rochester Institute of Technology
> will be hosting a major conference on bookbinding in May of the year
> 2000. The conference will commemorate the installation of the Bernard C.
> Middleton Collection of Books on Bookbinding at RIT and will feature
> both demonstration sessions and scholarly talks.
> Further details will be forthcoming. Inquiries may be directed either
> to:
> Fred Jordan, Head, Local Arrangements Committee
> tel: (716)229-2144  email: fjordan@xxxxxxxxx
> or to:
> David Pankow, Curator
> Cary Collection
> Rochester Institute of Technology
> 90 Lomb Memorial Dr.
> Rochester, N.Y.  14623-5604
> tel: (716)475-2408  email: dppwml@xxxxxxx

Fred...I certainly look forward to this.  I would also like to ask
you if you are aware of any bookbinding resources here in the Rochester
area, courses etc.  I have just started this hobby and would like to
get into restoration eventually.  Does RIT offer any courses?

Thanks for any input!

Jeffrey D. Morris, Ph.D.
Eastman Kodak Co.
Rochester, NY 14652

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