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Christmas Book Swap

Now's the time to join the Christmas Book Swap - here are the details.

1.  Make 5 books with a Christmas theme - these can be blank on the
inside, tell a story, interesting folds, let you're imagination run away
with you.  You may make as many sets of 5 as you wish provided each set
of 5 is different.  An extra for the hostess is not mandatory but it
would be a nice surprise.

2.  There are no size limitations - make them as small or as large as you

3.  All books are due by December 5 in my hand - that means if I don't
have them by this date I will return them to you.

4.  Please send an envelope no smaller than 9 x 12 with you're name
clearly written.  If you wish to have you're books go in a $3.00 box
then you need only include a mailing label and $3.00 postage or
cash.  Please do not attach postage to the envelope.  You only need to
send the same amount of postage as it took to mail yours to me unless
you've decided to use the $3.00 box (It's really simple, I think I'm
making this more complicated than it is.)  If you wish for me to
re-use you're envelope I have no objections just make sure to include a
mailing label - very important!

5.  Sign ups are open until November 15.

Here are the Book Participants - If I've left you off it's purely
accidental - please bring it to my attention.



1       Suki    Aitcheson
2       Alicia  Bailey  abailey@xxxxxxx
3       Allison Beasley 113157,702
4       Elaine  Beattie
5       Diane   Bruce   akstamper@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
6       Tina    Coleman
7       Camelia El-Antably      leilx@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
8       Nan     Ex Fast Posto   annelour@xxxxxxx
9       Bonnie  Gard    e-gard@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
10      Mary    Hamilton Shaw   mhshaw@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
11      Michelle        Lim     76033.254@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
12      Dropped
13      Michelle        Oakley  oakleymc@xxxxxxxx
14      Karen   Phillips (Recieved)
15      Raven   Regan   ravenr@express (Recieved)
16      Diane   Rodriguez (Recieved)
17      Michel  Rogerson        michaelr@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
18      Patricia        Scharder        pshrader@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
19      Sue     Somerville      105711,422@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
20      Gail    Stiffe  australia       (Recieved)
21      Pat     Vidal   vidalpat@xxxxxxxx
22      Artsy           artsy@xxxxxxxxxx
23      Barclay         rubberhubs@xxxxxxx
24      Cyberspirit             greninger@xxxxxxxxxxxx
25      Delyne          kittystmpr@xxxxxxx
26      Karen           kglover@xxxxxxxx
27      Libby           rachae19@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
28      Lisa            abbercay@xxxxxxxx
29      Stephanie
30      Susan
31                      azanders@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
32                      bonniel@xxxxxxxxxx
33                      dboucher@xxxxxxx
34                      kelbelpcs@xxxxxxx
35                      kscohen@xxxxxxxxxxx
36                      lfarmpress@xxxxxxx
37                      red@xxxxxxxxxxxx
38                      reynolds@xxxxxxxxxxxx
39                      stampatti@xxxxxxxx

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