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new to list - polymer clay covers?


I'm new to the list, and just wanted to say I'm enjoying all the articles=
 so far.   FYI, I'm an installation/clay artist, but since getting out =
of school, my resources have been limited, so I'm just plugging along any=
I can.

I've become involved with making small, crude books, (very crude) and
want to learn as much as I can from you all.  I've recently been experime=
nting with polymer clay book covers - so far, I haven't had much success.=
  Anybody have any experience with this media?  I'd love to hear from you=

Also, I'm wondering if any of you are into mail art.  I'm involved with
a few projects and could use more contributions.  Anyway, visit my
web site,


and follow the "postcard" links.  That'll take you to my
projects.  Also, I'd appreciate any feedback on my work,
or the site in general.   (sorry no books are up online yet, I haven't =
made anything good enough yet!)



   suebob@xxxxxx                                   http://www.sb.net/sueb=
      Hey!  Send me a photo, drawing, or whatever of a treehouse!
                    PO Box 80045  Goleta CA 93118

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