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Re: Basic Question on Hard Cover Binding

I am assuming you are planning to case in the book? anyway, paste should
not stop it from opening flat. I myself have not heard of pasting tape
bound books. why does the book say to do so? usually the paste is used to
close the gaps, or to hold on a spine reinforcer or to help a rounded spine
hold its shape. are you rounding this book? myself, I'd have sewn the cover
on and then inserted boards into the folds. and don't worry about how basic
the question is--I'd like to hear from others if they do paste tape bound
books and why they might (if they aren't case bound, in which case the
paste is used to keep it on).

>I am making my first tape bound hard cover book, and have a question which I
>cannot answer with my (limited!) reference shelf!  (In particular, I don't
>have Smith's Non Adhesive Bookbinding.)
>I've sewn my block (8 sign of 4 pages each, commercial standard laser paper)
>with tapes, as per the diagrams, and it opens beautifully flat.  My reference
>books say that the next step is pasting up the back.  This will be a blank
>book to be used as a guest book.
>My question--is pasting necessary?  Will it interfere with the book opening
>Many thanks for your help--sorry this is so basic!


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