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Seeking Help Finding Embossed Finish Paper

First, thank you to everyone who responded to my request for help in locating
a lasercutting or die-cutting source.  I'm still pursuing a few leads and
will post the results at a later date since several of you expressed interest
in the same information.

Now, I'm hoping that someone on this list may be able to help me with another
snag I've hit in making my friend's wedding invitations.

I just found out that the paper I absolutely love and was planning to use is
not available.  It's white coverstock with a blind embossed finish of a tiny
rose pattern repeated all over the paper.  I thought it would be fairly
simple to purchase a ream or two of either 8.5"X11" or 11"x17" at a paper
warehouse -- hopefully with matching (ungummed) A-6 envelopes -- but I can't
find anyone who carries this or any similar embossed finished paper.  So far,
I've tried PickQuick and PaperMart / Walk-In Papers in NJ, and also art
supply stores such as Pearl Arts & Crafts.

In the past, I've purchased letter-sized sheets of it at a local craft store,
but I just went back to that store, and they're now out of the paper and told
me that they couldn't get any more of it.

By chance, I came across this paper in the Carlson Craft Wedding Stationery
book -- called "Forever Floral", I believe -- and have e-mailed them a
request.  However, I do not think they sell it in blank sheets at the size I

I'm hoping against hope that someone on this list might be able to help me
locate a store or company so I can purchase several reams of this rose
embossed coverstock or similar embossed finished coverstock.   The bride has
also fallen in love with this paper and would very much like to have it for
her wedding stationery.  Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Please direct replies off-list to KSelena@xxxxxxxx  Thank you so much for
your attention to my request.

K. Selena Kim
Bridgewater, New Jersey
<A HREF="http://members.aol.com/kselena/OA/oamainpg.html";>http://members.aol.c

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