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noway wrote:
> Hi folks!
> We're wondering if any of you know of a low-budget printing press moving
> service -- in the SF Bay Area. Everyone we talk to wants to send 4 men and
> a truck and charge us way too much money.
> If you know of someone who would move our small letterpress for us (it's
> more than 500 lbs., alas) we'd really appreciate the tip.

     Let'se, that's 4 guys -- better make it 8 if you can -- and a
pickup truck, plus a dolly or two. Hmmm -- looks like about two cases of
beer, some chips and dip, etc. What the heck, maybe even buy them all a
burger or two besides, maybe a couple pizzas.
     Me and a buddy of mine moved 2 presses @ 600 lb each, 3 presses at
300lb each, plus a C&P 26" cutter ( 1000lb easy), at least a ton of
other crap like paper and ink, solution, parts, collators, drills,
platemakers, etc -- in a day's work. I paid him $100, paid another $200
for a 15' closed truck with a tommy lift (hydraulic end-gate) -- my son
helped us unload it all.

Harmon Seaver hseaver@xxxxxxxxx
All is impermanent, but this too shall pass away, and the way of the
Samurai is death -- so speak your mind now, or forever hold your peace.
Copyright, Harmon F. Seaver, 1997. License to distribute this post is
available to Microsoft for US$1,000 per instance, or local equivalent.

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