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Re: sticking up for the American Print Alliance

>On Mon, 10 Nov 1997, leil james alexander wrote:
>> a comment about this web site--it is pretty nearly unreadable!! what does
>> it say about a print alliance for their web site to be illegible when they
>> are trying to give information??
>Well...I didn't find it hard to read at all...It is a very well set-up
>web page and is very informative.  Maybe Mr. Alexander was looking at the
>wrong page...?
>Just curious...Michel

I am female, first of all, and leil will do! anyway, what I found
unreadable about it was the background. the type blended so well into the
background that I couldn't make out the letters of it. and I am sure I
looked at the right site--it said American Print Alliance in the only
readable type (to me) on the page! the background was peach with what
appeared to me to be a stylized simulation of newspaper colums--black wavy
lines representing type--over which the information was.

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