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I moved a 1200 pound C&P 8x12 with a tow truck (or "wreaker")
to lift it into the Ryder rent-a-truck and three guys to help me roll
it onto the loading dock at the other end.  Cost: $30 to the
tow truck driver for 15 minutes work and snacks for my friends
at the other end.  If I hadn't had the loading dock at this
end I was ready to call another tow truck (I kept the rope
around the press in the truck in case -- rope is better than
chain because it didn't damage the finish, but you have to be
careful how you tie it and where).  Oh yeah, and $ for the truck!
And about $50 for the four little wheeled platforms I built to
put under the press' feet for rolling it around.

There's a professional printing press mover here in NY and he
wanted $400 just to help me unload the truck.  I'm sure he
would have done it properly, but it wasn't necessary.



noway wrote:
> Hi folks!
> We're wondering if any of you know of a low-budget printing press moving
> service -- in the SF Bay Area. Everyone we talk to wants to send 4 men and
> a truck and charge us way too much money.
> If you know of someone who would move our small letterpress for us (it's
> more than 500 lbs., alas) we'd really appreciate the tip.
> Thanks,
> Jose, holler@xxxxxxxx

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