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Re: Seeking Help Finding Embossed Finish Paper

Dear Mary,

Thank you very much for your e-mail.  California must be the promised land --
stores that actually carry embossed-finish coverstock, all the best rubber
stamp companies, and good weather to boot.  I live in New Jersey and our
paper warehouse chains are PickQuick and PaperMart/Walk-In Papers.  I am
going to look up Kelly Paper and Kirk Paper and see if they do mail order if
they don't have a store in this area.

In my search for this paper, I've tried various paper warehouses, specialty
paper stores, stationers, printers, even called Carlson Craft (who apparenlty
has exclusive rights to the exact paper I'm searching for) to see if they
could sell me the paper plain without the fold scoring they do for their
stationery line.  So far, no luck.

I'm willing to settle for any paper that has a similar small pattern blind
embossed all over the sheet, but can't even find that.  Apparently, this is a
very unique finish to the paper.

Thank you for giving me another avenue to pursue, I will let you know if it
brings positive results,
Bridgewater, New Jersey

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