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Re: polymer clay covers

Some of the crafts catalog houses that handle polymer clay have tissue
knives (basically large blades for microtomes - VERY SHARP!)  For smaller
and less critical work, I use the refill blades that hardware stores sell
for snap-off knives (which I use instead of Xacto knives anyway.)  You
don't snap the pieces off, though - you just use the blade whole, holding
it very carefully by the blunt edge.
There's a very diverse Polymer Clay page at
The Clay Factory used to have a web page linked there, and I'm sure they
have an 800 number.  They should have blades, and they have good prices
on polymer clay, too.

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On Tue, 11 Nov 1997, Beth Priestley wrote:

> This may be slightly off the thread, but does anyone have a source or
> suggestions for a good knife or slicer to cut polymer clay canes? I have
> attempted to do large canes to work into book-cover size, but am having a
> very frustrating time slicing it thin enough & even. Kitchen knives, no
> matter how sharp, don't work very well. I have heard of something called a
> "tissue knife" (?). Sanding helps, but any suggestions would be helpful.
> Thanks!
> Beth P
> Painted Turtle Design

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