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Re: Phd. in History of the Book

Tim Geiger (Univ of Toledo) asks about PhD programs in the history of the
book in a recent Book_ Arts-L posting:

>I teach creative writing and Introductory Letterpress Printing and I have
>some students who were wondering if anyone out there might know of any Phd.
>Programs offered in History of the Book or a related subject.  If you know
>of ANY universities which offer this degree I would love to hear from you.

As far as I'm aware there is no American PhD program in the history of the
book as such. Geiger's interested students and others should look at
history and English graduate programs with departments where there is an
instructor interested in the same aspect of the history of the book that
they are interested in. Examples:

c19 American papermaking history: Univ of PA, Judith Mcgaw
hand-press-period descriptive bibliography: Virginia, English, David Vander
c20 American publishing history: Penn State, English, James L W West
c19 American publishing history: Univ of Texas, English, Michael Winship

Trying to find instructors interested in the history of printing and
bookmaking technology is harder than finding them in publishing history,
and I would have a hard time coming up with the names of many full-time
academics who work in, eg, bookbinding history. Most of the persons who
write on the more technical aspects of printing, typography, papermaking,
illustration, and bookbinding history are in the antiquarian book trade (eg
Paul Needham),  conservators (eg Nicholas Pickwoad) rare book or research
librarians (eg Mirjam Foot), museum curators (eg Ruth Fine),  or
independent scholars (eg Sue Allen).

One can contrive: Winship would be a useful advisor for someone interested
in ANY aspect of c19 American printing history; Vander Meulen the same for
someone interested in hand-press-period English topics.

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