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Re: polymer clay covers

Along the lines of the egg slicer; any stiffly held wire is a good bet
for cutting clay. For cutting smaller sizes you could try a cheese
slicer (check gourmet shops, some aren't so very small.) You could also
build a cutter using a three-sided frame hinged to a board on one end
which holds a wire (many wires?) under tension. (I think some cheese
slicers work this way??) With any of these make sure the wire TOUCHES
the surface when you've pressed it all the way down. The kind of wire
used when wedging clay has wooden handles on each end and you supply the
tension. I think that these are made in different weights and you might
be able to find (or make) one in a finer grade of wire that you could
just hand-hold.
        The big advantage of the egg slicer is the uniformity of the slices. My
egg-slicer is only big enough to hold one egg and has a cupped bottom on
it that would make it useless for this.
ANNE- when you say GERMAN egg slicer what do you mean?
A. Bingham wrote:
To cut uniform thickness slices from canes I use a good German
> hard boiled egg slicer.

> > This may be slightly off the thread, but does anyone have a source or
> > suggestions for a good knife or slicer to cut polymer clay canes?

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