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Book question in German

The German message reads:

"I am looking for a company that sells bookbinding supplies by mail order.
Please tell me one. etc. etc."

Not a book.

>I have no idea what the following message says, but someone
>said that the person is looking for a bookbinding book & that
>this mssg is written in German.  If anyone on this list is
>familiar with the book maybe you'd be kind enough to reply to
>Nadabrahma@xxxxxxx?  (He or she is the one who wrote the
>question. I don't speak any German. I'm just trying to help
>out since this list is so knowledgeable & helpful).
>    From:  Nadabrahma@xxxxxxx
>    ich suche eine Firma die Buchbinderbedarf versendet. Wer
>    mag mir einen solchen Versender verraten?
>    Danke fuer Infos,

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