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Re: polymer clay safety

I agree with the saftey issues raised by R Starr about the clay, and since
I do textile dyeing and printing as well, I am very conscious of these
issues. I have separate "sets" of tools for different media, although there
is some overlap, and nothing ever used for any art project ever goes back
into the kitchen - so, when all the measuring spoons or paring knives are
missing . . . ;)

Anyway, to the question about ovens, I haven't heard any problems, if you
don't overbake the clay. If it burns, or cooks too long, the outgassing
requires immediate ventilation, and removal of animals and children from
the area. I certainly wouldn't cook the clay at the same time you are
cooking dinner!

Also, if you sand the finished cooked pieces, like I do, you have to very
careful of the dust, which is said to be toxic. I try to sand outside,
since it goes everywhere.

Thank you again for all your help about cutting!

Beth P
Painted Turtle Designs

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