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Re: polymer clay safety

>Also, if you sand the finished cooked pieces, like I do, you have to =
>careful of the dust, which is said to be toxic. I try to sand outside,
>since it goes everywhere.

Actually, it's probably less that the dust is "toxic" as that it is
a very fine particulate. As it's a polymer, its inert/non-toxic.

Ceramic artists run the risk of developing silicosis from ceramic dusts,
Miners' black lung is also a dust-osis, and guys who used to work with
asbestos would develop asbestosis more often than cancer. Basiclly, you
suffocate because your lungs can't rid themselves of such a fine grain.
So, all dust is bad: wood, clay, plastic, what-have-you. Always wear
a respirator, even if you're sanding out of doors. better safe than =

It's interesting, the dearth of posts on the subject of Fimo on a book =
arts list. I feel like I'm on a kitch crafts list. (no offense.)

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