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Re: polymer clay safety

Michael Babcock wrote:
> > It's interesting, the dearth of posts on the subject of Fimo on a book =
> arts list. I feel like I'm on a kitch crafts list. (no offense.)

Actually, I think there has been rather a lot of posts on
polymer clay, of which Fimo is a popular example.  Are you
looking for posts on Fimo as distinct from other kinds of
polymer clay?  I'm not sure what that might entail.

I would hardly call 18 recent posts a dearth -- you must
be _really_ enthusiastic about Fimo! Just to add to your
font of knowledge: I met an artist in Ellicott City, MD, who
does wonderful polymer clay work at a studio called Moondance
or something like that -- if you're by that way, she's in
the big Electrical Company building on the main street,

Drolly yours,


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