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RIC's Shipped . Delete this message if you are not waiting for RIC's.

The new Roman Imperial Coinage [RIC's] were shipped
to my customers on these lists yesterday and today by
US mail, Insured. You should receive notification from your
post office by late next week or thereabouts.
Thank you for your patience.
You should be the first recipients of these fine books in the USA.
Enjoy the books!

Art Rubino
Numismatic & Philatelic Arts of Santa Fe
Antiquarian Book Sellers
P.O. Box 9712
Santa Fe, NM 87504  USA
Phone  505 982 8792
Fax      505 982 0291
Email  Art_Rubino@xxxxxxx

20,000 Numismatic & Philatelic out of print titles in stock.
We are always interested in buying fine Numismatic & Philatelic books.

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