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Re: academic book arts

thanks for the suggestion. and, yes, JAB has raised my hackles since I
first looked at it, so reading it (I do have a subscription) is a chore for
me! I'd prefer something that didn't feel so clique-y to me. perhaps I'm
just super sensitive, but it seems to me that they focus heavily on certain
types of artists books, instead of the full range of what is out there.

any other magazine suggestions? I'd be interested in what people read that
is related to the field of book art, and letterpress printing.


>Dear Leil:
>You may be interested in reading "JAB", the Journal of Artist's Books,
>which deals very specifically with conceptual issues. It also has raised
>a few hackles here and there, which is a good sign of it's nature.
>JAB subscriptions are $18 a year (two issues) from: JAB, 324 Yale Ave,
>New Haven CT, 06515.
>You may write and inquire about back issues or samples, or perhaps it's
>available from a library in your area (ISSN 1085-1461).
>Good luck.
>Scott McCarney

                now, again, poetry,
                violent, arcane, common
                hewn of the commonest living substance
                into archway, portal, frame

                        from Adrienne Rich, "The Fact of a Doorframe"
leilx@xxxxxxxxxxx                                       leil james alexander

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