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Colophon Book Arts Supply


This is Don Guyot writing, in hopes that I can clarify the content of some
of the Net traffic regarding the sale of Colophon Book Arts Supply, Inc.

It is true that the business has been sold.  I turned the thing over to its
new Owner on
1 October 1997.  Its new Owner is a delightful young woman named Nancy
Altus Morains, who in her own right is an accomplished marbler of both
paper and fabric, having been trained over a period of serveral years by
Eileen Canning, one of the first and one of the best of my own students.

Nancy has been marbling actively for more than 15 years and has been
retailing her work sucessfully for the past 6, which means to me that she
well knows both sides of the marbler's coin.   With this basis and with my
continuing to provide technical advise, the new Colophon should operate
almost seamlessly just as the old one did, and, in point of fact, just as
it IS operating now.  And there is another reason for this:  Nancy has
retained the services of Mr. Jerry White, my assistant and color-maker for
the last 6+ years.  His knowledge of how to make Colophon Marbling Colors
lies behind every jar of that color which has left the shop since he became
my colormaker many years ago.

I intend to continue working to perfect other colors which can be added to
the line, to continue teaching serious students of the craft of traditional
paper marbling in my OLympia studio, and, perhaps as important as all of
this put together, to begin writing a book on the technidques of marbling
which I have had the very great pleasure of being taught by a host of my
sharing students.  That work will begin as soon as I have completed the
transition from entrepreneur to research technician.

Incidentally, this announcement to the NewsList was going to be made
formally at Year's End.  Unfortunately, the news found its way onto the Net
before Nancy, Jerry, and I had planned.  That fact, however, does nothing
to change the fact that Colophon R E M A I N S in good hands.

And to all of my many loyal customers, to whom I had planned a skpecial
announcement, let me extend to you both my heartfelt thanks for the support
you have given me over the years past and  my  belief that you will
continue to receive in the years to come the quality of goods and the level
of service which have come to be synonymous with Colophon Book Arts

............................"Where excellence CONTINUES to be in the name."

Don Guyot
E-mail:            colophon@xxxxxxxxx

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