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Women of the Book / Judith Hoffberg


       Women of the Book: Jewish Artists, Jewish Themes, is an exhibition of
       89 women artists who have created bookworks of unusual beauty and
       significance. Among the themes are the familly rituals, traditions and
       liturgy, the Holocaust, the integration of Jewish culture into art,
       humorous takes on being "Jewish", cultural memory and the
       celebration of festivals, among others. But what is most meaningful in
       this exhibition of more than 100 bookworks is the sense of "belonging"
       to either a cultural or religious community, or even both. There is a
       message in all these bookworks which separates them from most
       which are oftentimes made to be "beautiful" or defy the confines of
       "bookness". Instead, there is content  in these works of art, which is a
       reflection of women from Australia, New Zealand, North America,
       England, Israel, Italy and South Africa.

       The exhibition, curated by Judith A. Hoffberg, renowned expert in artist
       books and creater of exhibitions of bookworks from
       around the world, will be traveling throughout the U.S. and Europe for
       the next two years. A selection of these bookworks will appear on
       Colophon Page   in the next month.

       A preview is now presented  http://colophon.com/gallery/womenofthebook
      to whet the appetite for the exhibition, which opens on 23 November
at the
       Finegood Art Gallery in West Hills, California and will continue through
       11 January 1998. For more information, contact Judith A. Hoffberg,

http://colophon.com  Colophon Page
http://photoarts.com PhotoArts

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