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A BOOK:Visual and Literary Musings on the Letter A

Dear book artists,
  Several months ago, I asked you all and a group of calligraphers what
color you envisioned the letter A to be. We truly appreciate the many of
you who kindly responded with not
only a color but also with your feelings about the letter form.  As I told
those who responded, our group of eight calligraphers were putting
together a book about the letter A when the question of color arose.
We have now
completed an intensly collaborative small book about A.  Eight fine
authors - John Nichols, Paul Fleischman, Rudolfo Anaya, Joy Harjo, Leslie
Marmon Silko, Joan Logghe. Judyth Hill, and John Brandi wrote about the
letter and we scribes, Suzanne Moore, Mike Gold, Fred Yost, Amy Jones,
Mary Lou Cook, Bob Phillips, Diana Stetson, and Kathy Chilton created
letter forms to complement the text. Some of your responses are quoted on
textural pages that form the endpapers.  We thank you again for your
insightful answers (red was the most common response).  The book came out
on Friday and we were very pleased that the two Albuquerque newspapers
reviewed it and called it "Book of the Year" and "Letter-Perfect." If you
want to know more about the book or about ordering you can email me at
lance@xxxxxxx and/or watch for the next John Neal Bookseller Catalog.

Thanks, Kathy Chilton

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