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Exhibition Announcement

"Ethiopian Protective Scrolls, Inspired By" will be on display in the
Liberal Arts Building at Boise State University 21 November-31

Personalized protective scrolls based on Ethiopian models have been
created by BSU Book Arts students.  Like Ethiopian scrollmakers,
students have measured themselves from forehead to feet (over the
back of the head and down the spine) and made scrolls precisely
that length.  Ethiopian scrolls were commonly fashioned from
vellum made from goat skin, and one such treated hide is on display.
Thus measured and made, Ethiopian scrolls were the "first skin"
illnesses, evils and misfortunes would attack, thus protecting the
second-skin, beneath it, for whom the scroll had been created.

BSU students have spared the Billy Goat and substituted look-alike
parchment and other papers and products.  Like Ethiopian scrolls, the
Idaho scrolls have symbolic, decorated portions, and text.  Images
and texts are specifically selected to ward off illness, curses, and
other unwanteds; however some Idaho scrolls, in contrast to Ethiopian
predecessors, would ward off housework, environmental polluters, or,
in one instance from a woman who fishes in Alaska each summer to
support her family, low salmon prices from Japanese fish processors.
(Appropriately enough, this woman's protective scroll is written on
waterproofed paper.)

The "Ethiopian Protective Scrolls" exhibit is open daily 9am-9pm and
weekends noon-5pm.  Free admission.  Web site address to be

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