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Re: Fiskars flat-bed rotary cutter

I have experienced this as well. My work-around for it is to be sure that
I'm applying pressure in the direction of the bar as I pulling the blade.
ie- The blade can swing outward when you pull, so push inward. Make
any sense?
Please note: It will still do this if you try to cut several sheets at a time.
So this is not a solution, we shouldn't have to do this at all.

Can you put an extra washer in there to fix it? That sounds better.

> >I have the same problem when trying to do fine cutting.  Maybe it's just
> >the ones sold in Maryland - we're too crabby.
> REALLY said something about an "extra washer" or something like that that
> solved the crooked cutting problem.  But I didn't save it.  By the way,
> mine didn't come from MD, I ordered it from Nebraska! <g>
> David Adams in Maryland

Delve Withrington

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