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Re: discolored leather

In response to Dorothy Africa's query, I can't say I know the
answer to her problem, but I have several theories.  The first, is
the adhesive attaching the leather to the board/endsheet.  (We are
experiencing a yellow show-through on some photographs that are
mounted and framed, so we are wondering too, so those who know, please
share).    My second theory would be as yours, a reaction between
dye and tanning process.  Third theory, something else stored in
the drawer, i.e. cedar, moth flakes, herbs.  Fourth theory: combinations
of temperature - is room hot? what kind of heat?  Then, finally, there is
the question of the cardboard.?  Is the back where the book was in contact
with the box worse than the front where contact might not have been as

I'll look forward to the experts'answers.  Please post to list.

Jane Brown
Charleston, SC

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