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PVA and photographs

I was given pause by reading the recent posts about PVA and its safety.
Figuring I should know about the material I work with, I obtained the MSDS
(safety data sheets) for the product I have been using (Jade 403). I
thought this information might be helpful to others on the list.The health
risk is rated at 0 for minimal on a 0-4 scale, with 4 being  severe.  Under
health hazard data, inhalation, skin and ingestion as routes of entry were
listed as not probable.  The data sheet further states that suggested
protection measures while using it are rubber gloves, a good natural draft
and safety glasses with eye guards, as well as good hygenic practices.

This also has prompted me to ask a few questions of the list, since my
bookmaking skills have been primarily learned from books and a few art
(rather than technically) oriented workshops. The books I have read have
not been terribly specific about glues and pastes, or explicit on the
questions about acid free/archival, Most were published quite a long time
ago and are great with regard to structure, but sketchier on materials.

One of the reasons I wanted to learn to make books was to bind my
photographs into book form. I understand the importance about having the
paper that touches my photographs be acid free, but what about the glue
that holds the boards together? Is using Jade 403 mixed with wheat paste
the best option, or can I use Elmer's glue or Sobo in place of the Jade?
Or can I use just paste? What about the boards themselves?  Do they need to
be PH neutral or acid free as well? Any good up to date books on this
subject? or pamphlets?

My second question (or group of them) is if anyone knows a good source for
photograph album inserts. I have the Light Impressions and University
Products catalogs, but I was hopeful to find a source for photo safe pages
like those pre made text blocks of card stock interleaved with protective
tissue (I've seen them in cream and black). As well it would be great to
find a nice plastic page where one slips in photos which has a wide hinge
on it so it could be post bound and have the pages turn easily.

Any suggestions?

Thanks in advance for your help.


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