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Re[2]: Fiskars flat-bed rotary cutter

     I have a related question.  We are considering one of these cutters
     here but would like to hear from anyone who has used the "other"
     blades for these cutters.  Specifically the deckle and perf blades.
     Is it worth purchasing these "add ons"?

     Any comments would be welcome.


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Subject: Re: Fiskars flat-bed rotary cutter
Author:  "The Book Arts: binding; typography; collecting"
<BOOK_ARTS-L@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> at Internet
Date:    11/19/97 4:01 PM

I have 4 paper cutters.  I have used the Fiskers relatively few times but
keep it in my work area as it is light and easy to store.  I find that I
get the best cuts by pushing down relatively hard on the cutter while
moving it.  Some day I'll have time to experiment with where there's a
problem.  As I recall, I have the greatest trouble when making fine trim


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