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Re: polymer clay covers?


>Polymer covers are really neat - I've made a few but the real expert > =
Xerox transfer.

What's a xerox transfer?

forgive my ingorance


 I have yet to decide on the binding
however.  Another book has covers that look like a piece of watermelon
(complete with "seeds") with color photocopies of a toddler and
watermelon and similar copies of handmade paper.  The title is "Ms.
Manners' Guide to Watermelon" and the binding is coptic.  At the last
minute the front cover looked like was missing something.  I took a bite
out of the clay before putting it in the oven.  I think I had great taste=

If you need it, I can try to dig up Kathleen's address.  She lives in Mt.
Ranier, MD and has a studio in the Torpedo Factory, Alexandria, VA.


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