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colophon info

Please forgive naivete of this question.
I am finishing a limited edition artist's book for an exhibition, and am
wondering about the accepted procedure for the colophon. What information
needs to be included besides artist's and collaborators names? The
organization who funded the exhibition wants their name included in it
also. Should I include thank-you's / acknowledgements to others? Decription
of the techniques / media used in the book? Description of the text
typeface? Copyright info for the text itself? Sources for the historical
illustrations? Latin / english names for the botanical / natural history
illustrations I did myself? I don't want to leave anything out, but I don't
want it to be unwieldy either. Any suggestions as to what is accepted, or
what you would like to see in books would be appreciated. Thanks!

Beth Priestley
Painted Turtle Design

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