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Re: colophon info

The colophon traditionally is the place where information about the
production of the physical book is placed/stated, such as typeface and
paper used, and so on. Other information, such as funding sources, or
thanks for inspiration or whatever, usually goes in the acknowledgements.
If you are the author (or the artistic equivalent) and you wish to detail
processes, techniques, etc, you should have a foreword or preface (or even
an afterword). Any copyright info (for the text or images) goes on the
copyright page, traditionally the verso of the title page. Finally, if you
wish to have latin/english identification, they could go either in a key
to, or list of, the illustrations, or in a glossary.
Over the course of book making/publishing history most of these questions
have been dealt with, which is why I prefaced this with "traditionally".
You may, however, do whatever you wish, since it's your book.
There are several standard references if you're interested more in what
goes where. I don't have access to my library right now but two that come
to mind are Marshall Lee's _Bookmaking_ and Hugh Williamson's _Methods of
Book Design_.
Have fun, whatever you decide.

Richard Miller <rmiller@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>

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