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Re: colophon info

Beth, this is a question that has much interested me as well. Richard
stated the traditional correctly, and I personally prefer a book where the
colophon names the typeface(s), paper(s) and process(es). I have also used
if for acknowledgements, and all kinds of random information about the
making of the book which I feel to be pertinent--like circumstances, or
that it was done for school, or strange occurances which might be of
interest. a lot of times, I simply don't have the space to make another
page/section, although I think the idea good. myself, I like all kinds of
random information and have often read colophons first, and sometimes have
been more interested in the colophon than the book intself! I do, however,
think that the information about the illustrations should go on its own as
some sort of appendix. if you haven't put the copyright anywhere else, I'd
definitely include it there. being me, I'd likely repeat it there if it is
elsewhere. I guess you could say I see the colophon page as being a bit of
a private ramble space for the author/artist.

I'd love to hear other views on this, as my teachers pretty much let us do
as we pleased with colophons, aside from acknowledging the press.

>Please forgive naivete of this question.
>I am finishing a limited edition artist's book for an exhibition, and am
>wondering about the accepted procedure for the colophon. What information
>needs to be included besides artist's and collaborators names? The
>organization who funded the exhibition wants their name included in it
>also. Should I include thank-you's / acknowledgements to others? Decription
>of the techniques / media used in the book? Description of the text
>typeface? Copyright info for the text itself? Sources for the historical
>illustrations? Latin / english names for the botanical / natural history
>illustrations I did myself? I don't want to leave anything out, but I don't
>want it to be unwieldy either. Any suggestions as to what is accepted, or
>what you would like to see in books would be appreciated. Thanks!
>Beth Priestley
>Painted Turtle Design

                now, again, poetry,
                violent, arcane, common
                hewn of the commonest living substance
                into archway, portal, frame

                        from Adrienne Rich, "The Fact of a Doorframe"
leilx@xxxxxxxxxxx                                       leil james alexander

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