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Xerox transfer

A  Xerox  transfer is when one takes a fresh photocopy, puts it emulsion
side down on another paper (or substrate that is absorbant) and then
transfers it using any of three methods: by soaking the copy with a
Chartpak P-O Blender marker, a chemical solvent or using heat and water. If
anyone wants top know the specifics I can post them. There is also a pretty
good book about transferring photographs (via photocopies) to fabric,
although I can't remember the title. I also think there is a material (not
exactly paper, not exactly film) which some copy shops have. I believe via
drymounting the photocopied image can be transferred to cloth (T-shirts is
the reason for the service in our area) and I would think it might be able
to be used on various other surfaces also.

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