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Re: Xerox transfers

I've also used the transfers most copy shops use for T-shirts. The new ones
are a good quality that adhere completely.  I have transfered the images
onto a smooth cardstock using a dry mount press for artist's books.  It is a
fairly inexpensive way to get full color on a piece, and the resulting image
is very durable.  As the transfers are made of a wax that gets infused with
laser toner, I'm not too sure about the l-o-n-g term prospects for the
images. (?)
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From: Michelle Venditelli <Michelle_Venditelli@xxxxxxxxx>
To: BOOK_ARTS-L@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx <BOOK_ARTS-L@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Friday, November 21, 1997 5:57 AM
Subject: Xerox transfers

>The xerox transfers I have done have involved a special paper that I bought
>at the fabric store in the quilting department.  You photocopy your image
>using a color photocopier, whether it's a black and white image or a color
>image, you need to use a color photocopier to get enough heat.  You put
>that transfer paper in the xerox machine inplace of the plain paper.  Some
>kinko's places will do this for you without much grief.
>You then can transfer that image on to cloth by ironing it on.  It has tons
>of possibilities - photographs, old letters etc.  The paper I've bought
>came in a package of 5 sheets- 8.5"x11" and cost about $3.00 a sheet.
>        Michelle
>At 10:19 AM 11/20/97 PST, you wrote:
>>>Polymer covers are really neat - I've made a few but the real expert > =
>>Xerox transfer.
>>What's a xerox transfer?
>>forgive my ingorance
>> I have yet to decide on the binding
>>however.  Another book has covers that look like a piece of watermelon
>>(complete with "seeds") with color photocopies of a toddler and
>>watermelon and similar copies of handmade paper.  The title is "Ms.
>>Manners' Guide to Watermelon" and the binding is coptic.  At the last
>>minute the front cover looked like was missing something.  I took a bite
>>out of the clay before putting it in the oven.  I think I had great taste=
>>If you need it, I can try to dig up Kathleen's address.  She lives in Mt.
>>Ranier, MD and has a studio in the Torpedo Factory, Alexandria, VA.
>>   suebob@xxxxxx                                   http://www.sb.net/sueb=
>>      Hey!  Send me a photo, drawing, or whatever of a treehouse!
>>                    PO Box 80045  Goleta CA 93118

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