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Re: colophon info


I've always thought that a colophon should teach the reader something about
the book, type, paper, etc. Let's face it, most of us are confronted by
readers that may not know Bembo from Bodoni. I think we have an obligation
to educate people about our art.

Colophons seem to be a gentle and fun way to do that. Like the credits at
the end of a good movie, some people will stay for them, others will walk
out, but it's your last shot at them.

Check out what Bruce Rogers had to say about their origins in the final

Good luck.

Greg Britton
Round River Press
Madison, Wisconsin

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Eudora Pro 3.1. The monitor is a Supermatch Platinum 20 (yes, monochrome).
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Sumatran coffee (with cream). The edition was limited exclusively to the
Book Arts List, November 21, 1997.

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