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Re: colophon info

>Please forgive naivete of this question.
>I am finishing a limited edition artist's book for an exhibition, and am
>wondering about the accepted procedure for the colophon. What information
>needs to be included besides artist's and collaborators names? The
>organization who funded the exhibition wants their name included in it
>also. Should I include thank-you's / acknowledgements to others? Decription
>of the techniques / media used in the book? Description of the text
>typeface? Copyright info for the text itself? Sources for the historical
>illustrations? Latin / english names for the botanical / natural history
>illustrations I did myself? I don't want to leave anything out, but I don't
>want it to be unwieldy either. Any suggestions as to what is accepted, or
>what you would like to see in books would be appreciated. Thanks!
>Beth Priestley

As a typographer, I would say (naturally) that the point size and the name
of the typeface are important - e.g. The text of this book is set in 10/11
Plantin by ABC Typesetting Ltd. of Anytown, NY.
Book publishers don't seem to do this anymore. Although it was standard
practice in Britain in the 60s. I think it used to be a legal requirement
to have the name of the printer.

You could check in the Chicago Style Manual (correct title?), they probably
have a whole section on the subject.

Peter Stanbridge
Oakville, Ontario, Canada

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