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Re: Xerox transfer

Here are 4 good resources from the quilt world... on photo transfer.  My own
experience is, when using turpintine, that it two things to make a clear
image; high black and white contrast and on old photo copier.  I do not know
the science of photo copiers, but i have had students use two different
machines and the older machines do a cleaner and more clear result.

Elegant Stitches, by Montano on page 161

Complex Cloth, by Jane Dunnewold, starts on page 121

Fractured Landscape Quilts, by Masopust  page 43

Creative Collage Techniques, by Leland and Williams  this books has many
excellent ideas for transfering images.

Testing for results helps too.

>Please do post the specifics of Xerox transfer. It's something I've always
>wanted to try, despite the chemicals involved.
>At 10:05 AM 11/21/97 -0400, you wrote:
>>A  Xerox  transfer is when one takes a fresh photocopy, puts it emulsion
>>side down on another paper (or substrate that is absorbant) and then
>>transfers it using any of three methods: by soaking the copy with a
>>Chartpak P-O Blender marker, a chemical solvent or using heat and water. If
>>anyone wants top know the specifics I can post them.
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