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my book and your participation

This is an email I sent to coworkers and friends for a new book I am
working on. I figured I would try it out on the list. Thanks for your



Hello to all:

Once again, it is new book time and i need something from you, namely...one

This word is a name you were called...a bad name...a mean name...the one
that hurt the most...the name that has stayed with you all these years (or
yesterday if you were called this name yesterday).

Be bold and honest, but rest assured you can remain anonymous.

To tell me this name, please go to my website and use the guestbook area to
respond...it is an anonymous guestbook, and if you don't fill in the area
where it says email address, there is no way for me to find out. And
certainly, by this time, you know one thing...if I say I won't know, I
won't. I am trying to encourage you to tell me that one word, and who
knows, if you still harbor any ill feeling over having been called that
name, it might be a way to release a bit of that left-over anger.

Now, this second part might be trickier, but I'll see how it goes...if you
can tell me who called you that name [if you remember...but if the name
hurt, my guess is that you do remember], that would be great, too. Like
"Uncle Fred called me a blankety-blank when I was five."

If you want to know my worst name...why it will appear in the book as well,

Thank you. If you do participate, remember not to fill in where it says:
"Email Address"

http://www.hipi.com/keelhaul  and scroll down to get to the guestbook.

and if you care to pass this along to anyone else...please do...the more
the merrier...as we share our less light-hearted memories.

I appreciate your attention and participation. This book will also be
produced in two forms: once for regular book form, and once for the
internet, so I can send a URL when it is ready.


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