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Re: Rocky Mountain News

Dear Martha,

You say that you have notices of tools for sale.  We make book presses
and would appreciate your mentioning that.  Do you have advertising
information you could send?

This is the copy that we send to people who inquire about the presses:

There are two standard sizes of presses , as well as custom sizes.  Our
small standard press is about 10 x 14 (outside measurement) with 7 1/2"
of daylight and a useable area of 10" x 11 1/2". The large standard press
is 14 x 20 (outside measurement) with 10" of daylight and a useable space
of 14" x 17".

The presses are made from hard maple, with press plates of 13 ply Finland
birch plywood.  There is an 8 inch aluminum hand wheel on top of the
press to raise and lower the plate.  The hand wheel is coated with a
rubberized material for comfort.  Each press is finished and waxed by
hand to a satin smoothness.  The head plate (which takes the strain when
you screw the press down) is 1 3/4 inch thick hard maple.    Each press
ships with a pair of masonite press boards and a rubber mat.

The large press is $350. and the small press is $195., both plus
shipping.  Packing and shipping  (UPS ground) runs  $40 for the large
press - - it weighs about 45 pounds as shipped.  We are trying to get the
shipping costs down, but the press is so large and heavy that that's hard
to do.  Packing and shipping for the small press is $20.

I enclose photographs, and if you would like more information, please
contact us.

Sally Jackson

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