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xerox transfer to linoleum

Xerox copies can be transferred to linoleum with heat or with solvents,
or both. They can be ironed on, but I have not had great results, so I
use a dry mount press. I put the xerox face down on the piece of
linoleum and put it in the press for a few minutes at about 200 C. For
really precise images, I turn off the press and let it cool. The xerox
is then stuck fast to the lino and I remove it by leaving it in a water
bath and working the paper off with my finger tips.
The solvent method, mentioned by Alan Brignull in The Printer, involves
placing the xerox face down on the lino and then placing a piece of
blotting paper sprayed (not saturated) with solvent and pressing it for
a few minutes.
You can put that sandwich in the hot press as well. I get very clear
images this way.
I discovered to my delight that it also works with images from my laser
Once the image is transferred the lino can be mounted and cut. It has
the advantage of being reversed already and the white is cut away. Once
cut, the xerox ink can be washed away with solvent before proofing.
If you use heat, make sure the paper is larger than the area you want to
print because the edge of the paper will make a ridge in the lino that's
hard to get rid of.
Yehuda Miklaf
Shalom Yehuda Press - Jerusalem

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