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Re: mimeograph machine

At 11:33 AM 11/22/1997 -0800, you wrote:

Memeographs and Ditto machines are quite different from one another.  A
memeograph uses a wax stencil that is "cut" by typeing or drawing upon it,
it is placed on a drum in which there is ink which extrudes through the
stencil to make the image.  A Ditto machine, uses a slick paper and heavy
ink carbon paper.  You type on the front, the image, in reverse, is
impressed from the carbon onto the back of the sheet.  A solvent, usually
"spirit ether" is then wiped over the image which prints a blue copy until
the ink layer is exhausted.  Many fewer copies with a ditto "master" than
with a memeograph stencil.

>Does anyone have any info on where I might acquire a mimeograph
>(ditto) machine and supplies? Thanks.
David Adams in Maryland

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