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Re: heat transfers

For about 15 years I have been using a number of methods of transfering
images to paper and fabric with varying degrees of success.. that is,
depending on the effects wanted.

The heat/transfer method (thermography... iron-on transfers... have been
available to artists for a good 15 years or more but the kinds of paper
and transfer emultiion have changed.  Some of the companies use a system
that requires a very high heat and a lot of pressure.... peeling off the
papre while it is still HOT.

Other companies high heat but need to cool off before peeling the paper
off. I mention this because this can be critical. sooo, experiment with
the paper before doing the real thing.

Some heat-transfer papers leave a platic looking finish  and others are
matte.  It all depends on the company.  Test first or ask to see a
finished sample.

A heavy home iron which keeps a steady heat is satisfactory (not the
kind that shuts off when you stand it up).
Info with the transfer paper deals with the heat degree needed.

Use a cloth between the iron and the transfer paper to protect the iron
plate... otherwise the colored emultion will ruin other things you will
use your iron for..... protect the ironing surface you will use, as

When ironing on, pick up one corner to see if the image has
transfered... you will know.. and get the hang of it...

there are lots of books on the market and somewhere a website that deals
with this.. I'll try to find out the adress.

good luck...

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