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Inkjet Chemical Transfers?

I use acetone, turp, etc...to transfer images from my SHARP COPIER and
LASER PRINTER copies with varying degrees of success.
Too much of the liquid can cause the ink to run causing blurred and
blotting imagery.. but sometimes that could be an effect you are after.

I have not used this method alot on paper... more on fabrics.. over the
years I have not noticed it causing the fabrics to yellow.

But I want to know if anyone has done chemical transfer with INKJET INK

John, and anyone else tuned in...
Since you have been woking with the properties of this inkjet ink you
may be able to help me with this problem, that of
transfering the injet image on to other surfaces, paper, fabric, etc...
but...NOT heat transfer paper method...  (i guess its the oposite of
making the inks permanant) :)

I have tried acetone, turpentine, paint thinner, ... nothing has worked

can't wait to hear.
thank you,

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