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Re: Xerox transfer

Melissa & others who use the "oil" transfer:

Isn't this quite costly to use these oils as a transfer agent? I have used
acetone and recall having to use it liberally over the image. Where do you get
your oils if they are reasonable. I would prefer not to use the harsh chemicals
as they are readily absorbed into the skin. ( I have trouble using gloves)

Thanks in advance!
Chris Herz
Phila PA

Melissa Jay Craig wrote:

> A good non-toxic way to do direct xerox transfers is to use oil of peppermint
> or oil of wintergreen.  I am a "solvent wimp" and try to avoid the chemicals
> and fumes in the transfer pens or acetone.  Not that the oils don't smell -
> they're very strong but they won't knock you out and the scent fades after a
> couple of days, as does the oil stain.
> Melissa Jay Craig, Chicago

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