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Re: Xerox transfer

The toner from copiers and laser printers of different makes  react
differently to the various solvents.  Kathy Reeves of Purdue U. suggests
using fresh laser or copier toner and then uses heat.  D. Driesbach uses a
lacquer thinner saturated sheet of newsprint topped with acetate and runs
it through a press.  I make a few copies on the machine whose copies will
be used.  Try out the oils or solvents and see how much time and solvent
are needed to melt the now plasticised  toner on paper.  White gas (camping
coleman fuel ) is used to melt toner when it is used to create a
lithographic image and might be a blast to use.  Just paint a bit of the
oil , painting medium onto the face of the xerox and see what happens and
use the one with the least danger.
I trim the copy, tape one end to the block and holding the copy away from
the block, paint the oil of Wintergreen onto the back of the paper.  When
the copy becomes tacky, it will look darker and fuller, gently lay the
paper down onto the block or whatever surface is receiving that day, and
apply pressure onto the back of the copy.  it can be done with pencil but a
press is useful.

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